Defensium provides top of the line classroom based security training. Training developers in secure coding practices will move security awareness to an earlier point in the development lifecycle, and help applications be made correctly the first time. Security flaws will be less likely to occur in the final product, and it will reduce the number of security fixes that need to be hurried into production after development is done.

Introduction to Application Security

Target audience: developers, architects, QA This is a hands-on 2 day class that teaches developers about the top risks faced by web applications, and how to defend against them. We dive into each of OWASP.s top 10 risks and explain what it is, when it occurs, its impact on a web application, and how to write code to protect the web application. The class is interactive and labs are all done in a virtual machine specifically designed for this class. Attendees will get practical hands on experience writing secure code and seeing how it works.
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    Currently available in: Java | .net | PHP

Advanced Application Security

For students who feel they understand the material in the introductory class and have already mastered the basics of input validation, output encoding, prepared statements, and the other basic things, we offer a more advanced course. The advanced course coveres detecting intrusion attempts, content security policies, file handling, security headers, and other more proactive controls.