At Defensium we help our clients with their information security needs through a variety of services. We never do "cookie-cutter" assessments or provide standard advice - we always aim to tailor our results and reports to the individual needs of our customers.

Penetration Testing

In a penetration test we assume the role of an attacker in order to evaluate the security of a network or system. We always go "beyond the scan" - many people run a simple vulnerability discovery tool and call it a penetration test. We believe that a true penetration test should involve manual verification and false positive elimination, exploitation, a better understanding of the actual impact of any findings on your business, and customized remediation advice to provide the most effective risk mitigation possible.

Web Application Testing

There is a reason that web application attacks have been increasing in both effectiveness and frequency - they're often the easiest way to attack an enterprise. Our web application reviews follow OWASP Application Security Verification Standards in order to ensure that we provide a thorough review of your web application's security.

Mobile Security

We provide security reviews of Android applications.

Secure Coding

Whatever the language, whatever the platform, we can help draft secure coding standards that will fit your environment to help your developers and vendors develop secure applications.

Lotus Domino Security

Are you using Lotus Domino? Domino is a unique web server platform that is often overlooked by other security firms. Due to its unique structure, it can present unique vulnerabilities that are completely overlooked in a standard assessment. Even if you've had another web application assessment, if the tester didn't fully understand the Domino environment, they probably missed something.

For more information on any of these services, please contact us.