Application security consulting, developer training, security training

Defensium provides application security consulting services. We deliver outstanding services and professional results tailored to each client's unique environment and needs.

While there are many companies that will find flaws in your systems, we aim to go a step further and help with the people, process, and technologies that will make you more secure. We believe that once the security assessment is done, that's when the hard work begins. Finding flaws is only half the battle - fixing them is the important part.

Services include application security reviews, developer training, secure coding guidance, and SDLC advice to improve the state of your security.

web application testing
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application security
Secure coding training can help developers make applications secure the first time. We provide hands-on lab based training...Read More
advanced application security
We provide security reviews of Android applications.
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Secure Coding
Whatever the language, whatever the platform, we can help draft secure coding standards that will fit your environment...Read More